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Double Shutter, Shut The Super Box

Double Shutter, Shut The Super Box

Fall 2008 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Blue Orange Games
Price: $19.99
In order to appreciate this variation of a classic game, you need to know that the original game is played with a box that has nine tabs numbered from 1 to 9, positioned upright. The object is to turn all tabs down, thereby shutting the box. One player starts by tossing two dice and selecting which tab(s) to turn down. It can be either the actual numbers shown on the dice, or two others that equal the same total. For example, if the dice show a 3 and a 6, the player may turn down those two tabs, or a 9, or 8 + 1, or any other combination that totals 9. The player's turn ends when no tab can be covered on a throw of the dice. A player's score is the sum of the numbers remaining covered at the end of his turn. The player with the lowest score wins.

The Double Shutter game has enhanced the play by adding behind the original row of tabs an extra row numbered in reverse order, 9 to 1. These numbers are revealed one by one as the tabs in the front row are turned down. The strategy is slightly more sophisticated as one tries to compute the odds of various number combinations.

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