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Leapster I SPY Treasure Hunt

Leapster I SPY Treasure Hunt

Fall 2008 Software
Ages: 6 - 9 yrs.
Producer: Scholastic Inc.
Price: $24.99
Ahoy Mateys--"I Spy Treasure Hunt" is a real treasure! Designed for ages 6-9, some aspects of this game are entertaining and challenging enough for adults to enjoy. The variety and complexity of games keep players on their toes as they sharpen their skills in matching, categorization, finding and search skills, counting, following ordered directions, memory and shape conceptualization. Each game is distinct and serves as a building block to overall game completion. Because game progress is automatically saved, players can complete the game at their own pace over many sessions (up to three player profiles may be saved).

As players begin the game they enter a coastal scene called "Smuggler's Cove," where a treasure was left by one of three pirates. In order to find the treasure, players must explore the seaside town and play various games to reveal pieces of the map puzzle. In keeping with the "I Spy" theme, most games involve finding hidden objects embedded within the scene. Each completed scene earns the player a map piece. Once the player has earned all of the map pieces he or she moves on to the final game, the goal of which is to find the pirate's treasure.

On a whole, this game is a challenging, engaging and educational addition to one's Leapster cartridge collection.

Sara Hammig   ©2008 Parents' Choice

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