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Sing a Little Song, Do a Little Dance

Sing a Little Song, Do a Little Dance

Fall 2008 Music
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
CD Price: $14.99
A little girl sings, "I've got a friend and we're going on a great adventure! . . . You can come too . . . sing a little song, do a little dance." And you are indeed off on an exciting, musical journey that takes you from the U.S. to Cuba, Africa, the Caribbean and China. A mix of 14 original, traditional and cover tracks, the eclectic songs include different styles and languages featuring delightful musical surprises ("Night in Wulanbatuo," a Tibetan melody with Chinese lyrics and "Faeries Fly Fairly High," a lovely original poem delivered in a beautiful British voice over a magical musical background) but enough familiarity and repetition ("Hokey Pokey," "5 Little Monkeys") to engage the most discriminating preschooler.

Jeff Jones and the Earthtones get kids involved-twisting, dancing, singing, responding to calls, moving faster and slower as they ride their ponies-all while successfully introducing a number of general music lessons. And while translations for the Chinese and Spanish lyrics would have been helpful, kids won't soon forget "La Mucura," in which Jeff Jones demonstrates how the soprano saxophone can sound "mad," "sad," "silly," and "happy."

Gayle Geise   ©2008 Parents' Choice
Gayle Giese is owner, director, and a teacher for MusicPlay, an early childhood music education center. She also serves as the Director of Music Ministry and pianist for her congregation in Plantation, Florida. For many years, she held various positions for a major music publishing company, including Classroom Music Editor and Director of Publications.

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