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Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Fall 2008 Music
Ages: Infant - 5 yrs.
CD Price: $15.00
With 21 tracks, Building Blocks offers a song for almost every hour in a day. From movement songs for playtime to lullabies for sleepytime, there are songs about trains and planes, rainbows, pigs, monkeys, butterflies, ducks, and a dog who finds unusual things at the dog park. As the title implies, many of the songs are "building blocks" that teach preschool basics, such as colors, body parts, good hygiene, counting, and seasons.

In "Beep Beep," children learn about airplanes, boats, cars, and trains as they count to 3 and fly, sail, beep, and zoom. In "Soleil," they'll hear how the sun made the flowers grow and "warmed me up from head to toe." In "My Body," they'll find "head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, shoulders, knees, toes." "Monica, the Monarch Butterfly," tells the story of how a caterpillar became a butterfly. In "Chugga Choo Choo," they learn about all the people who run a train. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Sara Wheeler may remind some of Joni Mitchell, especially in her creative rendition of "Polka-dot Dress," a song about five little ladybugs.

Gayle Geise   ©2008 Parents' Choice
Gayle Giese is owner, director, and a teacher for MusicPlay, an early childhood music education center. She also serves as the Director of Music Ministry and pianist for her congregation in Plantation, Florida. For many years, she held various positions for a major music publishing company, including Classroom Music Editor and Director of Publications.

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