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Fall 2008 Website
Ages: 8 - 12 yrs.
Producer: WGBH Educational Foundation
Producer: Interactive Kids Group
The first online-launched program developed by the same affiliate station that brought ZOOM, Arthur and Curious George shows to PBS television, The Greens is a Web site designed to educate kids about sustainability and green living. Through a series of animated episodes, the site explores green topics ranging from landfill concerns to water conservation and shares ways for users and their families to reduce, reuse and recycle.

In addition to housing current and archived episodes of The Greens, the site features a blog where the characters voice their environmental concerns and printable tip sheets with "green things" families can do to lessen the environmental impact is every room of their home. Of particular note is a downloadable 23-page activity guide that offers six hands-on environmental activities for kids ages 9-12 and designed to be completed as part of an after-school group or club, with group leader notes and kids’ pages. Activities include decorating a reusable bag for families to take to the supermarket, making recycled paper as well as ways to reduce junk mail and reduce the carbon footprint of the family tree.

Although the concept of teaching kids to be environmentally aware is not a new one, The Greens accomplishes this in an animated, highly entertaining and eminently doable fashion sure to resonate with its tween audience.

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