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Fall 2008 Website
Ages: 4 - 8 yrs.
Producer: WGBH Educational Foundation
Producer: Interactive Kids Group
Engaging and familiar graphics, easy-to-use navigation and the strong educational component you’ve come to expect from PBS make this site a good choice for young children. The online companion to the television series of the same name, this site features Arthur-themed games and activities for young children as well as parent and teacher resources.

The home page showcases three activities which at the time of this review included: Francine’s Play Maker, a step-by-step guide to putting on a play; Pal’s About Face, which prompts visitors to listen to stories about a character from the show and extrapolate how that character was feeling; and The Brain’s Brain Game, with quiz questions based on the show. Other navigation links include the "Friends" tab, featuring games and activities for each of the show’s characters; 35 "Games" in subjects ranging from art and music to science and poetry; "Print," which takes visitors to a wide selection of printables including masks, bookmarks, trading cards, party hats and coloring pages; and a "Parents/Teacher" tab with resources including lesson plans and show-related activities.

While all the content is age-appropriate, some activities do require reading and therefore adult support for younger children. And while the site does not feature overt advertising, as with its television counterpart, sponsor logos are prominently showcased on the home page. Flash player is required for some activities.

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