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Fall 2008 Website
Ages: 6 - 12 yrs.
Designer: Mark Zadroga
Designer: Alex Westerman
Designer: Deborah Levine
Designer: Patrick Dorey
Designer: Sean McEvoy
Designer: Jason Root
Developer: Alex Westerman
Developer: Deborah Levine
Developer: Mark Zadroga
Developer: Patrick Dorey
Developer: Sean McEvoy
Developer: Jason Root
Producer: Nickelodeon
Review: is a kid’s entertainment site that allows children to create avatars, chat and play games in a safe environment. The site allows users to earn NickPoints with which they can purchase virtual merchandise for their avatar. Areas of the site include Adopt a Pet, Style Your Nickself, Decorate Your Room and Hang Out with Nick Characters.

The site’s safety controls are stringent and require parent notification prior to signing up for and receiving an account. Within the parental controls, parents have options to prohibit children from participating in all chats, or to permit chat only using preset phrases. Additionally, Nicktropolis automatically blocks any attempt to send a message containing non-appropriate words (including clean words or letters strung together to make up an inappropriate phrase), e-mail addresses, street names, city names or state names.

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