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Fall 2008 Website
Ages: 3 - 7 yrs.
Producer: Nickelodeon
The companion site to the television network of the same name, features well-known characters designed to appeal to young ‘net-surfers and their families. For those of you who can complete the Wonderpets theme song line "What's gonna work?" by shouting "".teamwork!," this site is likely to be both familiar and entertaining.

Much of the content is an extension of Nick Jr. programming, with games that parallel the educational components of the associated television show. And while the featured games on the homepage are designed to attract the kids, the subject areas accessible from the top of the homepage are geared more towards parents. These sections - from recipes and party, to travel and parenting, not to mention shopping - contain topical tip sheets and ideas for activities parents can share with their kids. (Should you need to make cupcakes featuring all the Backyardigans, by all means stop here first - instructions for making the character cakes are very detailed!)

Videos both on the home page and within each section begin to play without prompt. During one site visit, a video about introducing a new baby to a sibling was playing as this reviewer visited the home page. The quality was good and the content topical, but it seemed divergent from the kid-centric feel of the bulk of the page’s design and content. One large caveat: the site does feature a huge amount of advertising, and in many cases content pages are cropped in favor of additional advertising listings.

Fran Wilde   ©2008 Parents' Choice
Fran Wilde is a writer, 3D simulation and web developer, and educator. She is an Interactive and Immersive Narrative Designer with Rezzable Inc. of London, England, was the Director of Web Services at The Park School in Baltimore, MD, for 10 years, and taught web design and programming at both Loyola College and at the University of Baltimore's Interactive Design and Information Architecture program. Her freelance clients include schools, corporations, and non-profit groups. She edits a group blog about family travel,, just for fun. Fran and her family currently live in Philadelphia, PA.

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