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Fall 2008 Website
Ages: 4 - 15 yrs.
Producer: Kerpoof
KerPoof is a free online multimedia software that allows children to explore their creativity by drawing, making animated movies, writing and illustrating stories, producing pictures and cards and more. The software is intuitive and easy to use, giving children - even those who aren’t proficient in art - an opportunity to produce and share successful artwork quickly and without frustration.

KerPoof’s library of stock images goes far beyond ordinary fare. Here, the images are interesting and varied, the themes go well beyond the scope of pirates and fairy gardens. The color palettes vary from bold to subtle, and the tools that invite children to consider and adjust an object’s perspective is among the attributes that makes this website stand heads and shoulders above others offering similar activities.

The term "basic" borders on a comical term to describe the "free" account. The possibilities tendered open the doors wide to creativity, and allows users to save their creations to a gallery and accumulate Koins (KerPoof’s virtual currency). A paid membership offers access to additional features including groups, the chat feature, shopping, and additional characters and avatar accessories. Membership is $4.39/month, $24.79 for six months or $44.79 for 12 months. Although bargain and quality don’t always appear in the same sentence, Kerpoof breaks the mold - again.

The site also offers teacher resources and ideas for utilizing the multimedia software in the classroom, and is available to view in several languages.

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