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Fall 2008 Website
Ages: 6 & Up
Designer: kids Give
Developer: kids Give
Producer: KidsGive
Karito Kids is a line of ethnically diverse doll characters that hail from six countries around the world, each with her own story, customs and culture. Each doll has her own Web page with recipes, language and stories specific to her native country. The site also features a mix of online games and activities.

Unlike other toys or dolls with an online component, there is one important difference. When users activate their Karito Kids doll code, they earn the opportunity to vote on how a charity called Plan International distributes its funds among four areas: health, school, homes or food. (Kids Give donates three percent of the retail price of all products to Plan International.) Within the Keep Playing for World Change ™ section, users can designate points accumulated playing the online games giving them additional input on how money is spent.

It’s also important to note that a Karito Kids doll isn’t necessary to register for free, play online games and accumulate WorldChange points.

While the site is somewhat slow to load, the charitable message, cultural education and wholesome entertainment value make this a site worth checking out.

Chris Businsky   ©2008 Parents' Choice
Chris Businsky is a partner as well as graphic and web designer for Right Brain Technologies.

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