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Engineer Your Life

Engineer Your Life

Fall 2008 Website
Ages: 13 - 17 yrs.
Designer: Sonali Patel
Developer: Molly Frey
Director: Thea Sahr
Director: Borgna Brunner
Producer: Catherine Jay Didion
Producer: Arthur R. Smith
The Engineer Your Life web site was created to present high-school aged girls with the various fields of engineering, as well as provide them with real-world examples of women in the field. From an introduction to the overall field of engineering, to "meeting" a variety of women engineers, and finally giving advice to students can get involved with it themselves, the site is simply designed, cleanly and clearly organized. Just what we’d expect from engineers.

The "Meet Inspiring Women" section is a very interesting resource, with interviews, photos, and video of successful women in various areas of engineering explaining what they do, how they came to do it, and what makes it interesting to them. The site also has a "Find Your Dream Job" section that looks at the numerous types of engineering jobs from Aerospace to Toy Design. Engineers can design a lighter bike frame or a case that makes it easier to carry a laptop, invent a more powerful superglue, or a more fuel efficient car. There are also resources to help counselors and parents explain engineering, as well as information on how engineers themselves can help recruit the engineers of tomorrow. Engineer Your Life ™ is a production of WGBH Educational Foundation and the National Academy of Engineering in partnership with the Extraordinary Women Engineers Coalition.

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Joel Haddock is a web designer/content manager from Baltimore, Maryland. Joel has worked in the field for over ten years, and has done most of his work in the non-profit and publishing arenas.

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