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The Wolfram Demonstrations Project

The Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Fall 2008 Website
Ages: All Ages
Designer: Jeremy Davis
Designer: Kara Wilson
Designer: Heidi Kellner
Designer: George Beck
Developer: Andy Hunt
Developer: Chris Williamson
Developer: Chad Minick
Developer: Stephen Wolfram
Developer: Jeff Bryant
An educational site that seeks to bring high-level computational exploration to a wide audience, the Wolfram Demonstration Project is a vast encyclopedia of sophisticated mathematical concepts and computations presented for an open-source, online community. The site offers an introduction to a broad variety of mathematic concepts and an online community in which to participate, and at first glance the content appears to be predominantly for top math and science enthusiasts; however, a closer examination reveals sections of the site designed for other audiences, including laypeople, children and educators.

Browse by Topic to access the Kids & Fun section of the site, with puzzles and explorations grouped for elementary, middle and high school users. Also in Kids & Fun are "Optical Illusions" and "Everyday Life Demonstrations" which feature a tip calculator, life insurance pricing and a demonstration called "How Zippers Work." Each activity comes with links to dozens of resources for additional exploration and learning. Other topics sure to appeal to kids include the Bed of Nails explanation and Calculating Your Grade.

The site also links to the Wolfram Education Portal of "advanced resources for the modern classroom."

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