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Explore Within a Pirate Ship

Explore Within a Pirate Ship

Spring 2008 Doing & Learning
Ages: 8 & Up
Author: Paul Beck
ISBN: 1-59223-745-2
Hardcover Price: $21.95
This large (10" x 13"), handsomely decorated book with a cookie cutter ship shape missing from the center is filled with a detailed plastic model of a pirate ship. As each of the sturdy pages is turned, the layers reveal a 17th century pirate ship, and what life was like onboard. Even with approximately one third of each page missing because of the cut out, the author has been able to include an astonishing amount of information about the aggrandized life of pirates in only 16 pages. Major topics addressed are: what it meant to be a pirate, what a pirate's daily life was like, parts and rigging and sailing of a square rigged ship, symbols and flags, captains, fashion, and yes, discipline aboard ship. Although pirates are not to be held up as role models for young children, this book pulls youngsters in to read, to play and to pretend. And those are behaviors to model.
Ellie and Don Homce   ©2008 Parents' Choice
Don and Ellie Homce are the parents of two sons. Ellie is a former chemistry and physical science teacher and trainer in the hazardous materials field. Currently a professional volunteer at local schools and a thrift shop, Ellie continues to pursue her interests in art. Don is a health and safety and environmental science professional who enjoys building and fixing things. He has been a Boy Scout Leader for the past ten years.

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