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Little Teddy Game

Little Teddy Game

Spring 2008 Games
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
Manufacturer: HABA
Price: $12.00
Little Teddy has lots of clothes, enough to share with two friends. Nine playing pieces (three heads, three bodies, and three pairs of feet) can be assembled to form three bears whose hats, shirts and shoes are all different. By interchanging their clothes, there is a total of 27 unique combinations, all of which are represented in a deck of 27 cards.

Instructions are given for four increasingly challenging games that are age-graded for children ranging from three to five years. Easiest is a memory game in which players take turns trying to collect the three playing pieces that match a specified card. Other games are based on speed, observation, and a combination of guessing and the process of elimination.

The instruction booklet includes helpful notes for parents on how to prepare children to play the various games.

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