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Thomas Great Race Game

Thomas Great Race Game

Spring 2008 Games
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Briarpatch
Price: $24.99
In the Thomas Great Race game, the game "board" is composed of two plastic pieces that fit together to form a hill. Train pieces slide into the tracks and start at the bottom of one side of the hill with the objective of reaching the top of the hill to roll down the opposite side to the finish line. Each of the train pieces represents a different member of the Thomas crew. Players advance their trains by taking turns drawing from a deck of cards that each show a scene or set of images and ask a question requiring children to count from one to three objects. Corresponding pieces of "coal" show numbers 1-3 and are sized shorter to longer based on the number. Players slide their coal piece behind the train on the track to help advance them up the hill. The first player to reach the top of the hill and roll to the finish line wins.

For young children learning to count, this is both educational and entertaining. But the unique train track setup of this game is the added appeal that makes this fun for kids and adults alike. This charming game is a terrific choice for a family game night with young children.

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