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Little Labs: Colors

Little Labs: Colors

Spring 2008 Toys
Ages: 5 & Up
Manufacturer: Thames & Kosmos
Price: $15.95
Little Labs: Colors is an experiment kit for learning about color mixing, dyeing, and other behaviors of pigments. It is refreshing to see something that focuses on color without limiting itself to color names and primary color mixing. While it does include color mixing, this is the focus of only two of the ten experiments. Other experiments explore the dilution and dispersion of color in water, the separation of pre-mixed colors (specifically non-primary water based markers, with a control color that is a primary), the reaction of pigmentation in the presence of salt, the blending of pigment into a wet solid and its increasing concentration as the solid dries (by making sidewalk chalk) and the optical illusion of colors blending when the colors are in motion. The set provided a nice variety of easily implemented experiments and kept the children interested. The instructions were careful to maintain a scientific tone, posing each experiment as a question to be answered and offering an explanation of why the results were what they were. Additionally, the booklet provides information on trying related activities that go a step beyond the projects in the book.

The set includes filter paper, a Petri dish, molds for chalk, plaster, water-based color tablets, a detailed instruction book, and a few other basic tools for working with colors.

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