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The Magic School Bus - Soaring Into Flight

The Magic School Bus - Soaring Into Flight

Spring 2008 Toys
Ages: 5 & Up
Price: $19.99
As the title indicates, this kit focuses on the aerodynamics of flight. Included in the kit are goggles, paper tape measure, string, elastic bands, clothespin, rocket launcher, directions for making a paper airplane, ping pong balls and most everything else you need to try 12 experiments. The experiments are presented as questions, and ask children to supply the hypothesis. Cartoon school kids adorn each page, with further questions appearing in speech bubbles. Each page is lively and full of eye-catching graphics, lots of color and a variety of sights and shapes. At the end of the 20-page booklet answers are provided.

Though it purports to address kids in age-appropriate language so that kids can run the experiments themselves, it really requires an adult's help. Some are easy (Suck all the juice out of a juice box with a straw and see what happens), but others, like taping ping pong balls to sticks and forcing air between them or "What will happen to a blown-up balloon if it is released while attached to a straw which is hanging on a string?" are going to need Mom or Dad to step in. This self-contained, brightly colored box contains an instruction booklet and all the items needed for a few simple at-home science experiments.

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