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Sand & Water Cart

Sand & Water Cart

Spring 2008 Toys
Ages: 2 & Up
Manufacturer: The Step2 Company
Price: $79.99
The Sand & Water Cart is a miniature beach environment built into a compact, portable and sturdy cart for kids. The table-top area is divided into two sections: one area holds water, the other area holds sand. It includes several accessories for sand and water play including a water tower that fits into a designated slot in the middle of the table; a sand sifter and shovel; and a boat. Additionally, the cart comes with an umbrella that helps keep kids out of the sun. When play is finished, the water area can be quickly drained, the tools and umbrella stored on a bottom shelf, and the table-top covered with a lock-down lid to stay clean, dry and ready for the next time. And with wheels attached, you can easily roll the cart to another location.

The cart is compact; cleanup is easy. And, because kids can stand at this table, rather than sitting in the sandbox, cleaning them up will be much easier as well.

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