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Planet Earth DVD Board Game

Planet Earth DVD Board Game

Spring 2008 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Price: $29.99
If you weren't able to watch the glorious Planet Earth series - a five-year project filled with extraordinary footage of the world from around the world that aired on Discovery repeatedly last year, this game will show a tiny bit of you what you missed.

The series, whose film crews captured remarkable shots of the seas, deserts, forests, caves, jungles, tundras and other corners and depths of our planet, is mesmerizing.

In the game, snippets of the series are shown as questions about the planet flash on the TV screen. Answer correctly and advance the game. Incorrect answers only mean you have more wonderful film and planet trivia to ponder. Players move around the board by rolling a die and answering questions. Each correctly-answered special question wins puzzle pieces. The player putting the final piece of Planet Earth in the puzzle - by correctly answering the final question - wins.

Even if you don't know the population of Earth, or how far Eider ducks must dive to get mussels or what percentage of the planet's wild species can be found in Costa Rica, you'll know by the end of the game. (Note: my 15-year-old son, who normally has time only for Rock Band video games, sat and played with me for more than an hour.) Cited for ages 8 and up, the entire family will participate. And if they're not gamers, the game still makes for pleasant viewing. As fun pastimes go, this one's a gem - beautiful, educational, fun and easy to play.

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