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Go Diego Go!

Go Diego Go! "Safari Rescue"

Spring 2008 DVD
Ages: 2 - 5 yrs.
Producer: Nickelodeon
DVD Price: $16.99
The double-length "Safari Rescue", headlines the three-episode Diego compilation disc from Nick Jr. Diego, his sister Alicia, and Baby Jaguar travel to the Serengeti in Africa to meet Juma, an African animal rescuer. It seems the elephants in all Africa have disappeared. When asking Juma what happened to them, he begins, "Once upon a time." a mosquito whacked by an elephant's tail landed on a magic wand and turned into a magician. The magician turned all the elephants into rocks. Then we are back in the present, with the three friends seeking a magic drum which will break the spell, Juma says. One elephant (strangely named Erin) was the only one to escape the magician by hiding in a mountain cave. However, despite scientific evidence that shows that elephants really do have remarkable memories, she can't remember where she has hidden the magic drum. Once it is found, they set off to save the elephants-and all the other animals the still-present magician has managed to harm during the course of the episode. With the play-along features like make your hands into binoculars, play you knees like a drum, and stomp your feet to scare off the lions. The other two episodes are "Panchita the Prairie Dog" and "Jorge The Little Hawk Learns to Migrate," about a lost hawk needing Diego's help to go south for the winter.
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