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Music From The Inside Out

Music From The Inside Out

Spring 2008 DVD
Ages: All Ages
DVD Price: $21.50
Music From the Inside Out, a personal look into the lives of musicians, attempts to answer the abstract: What is music? Why does it move us? While the DVD doesn't give any definitive answers, viewers are privy to a behind-the -scenes look at the aspirations and inspirations of professional musicians. Through interviews and concert footage, Oscar nominated director Daniel Anker talks with the artists who make up the Philadelphia Orchestra and discovers how they came to be part of the noted institution. As one musician says, you can't define great musicianship, but you know it when you hear it. The revelations expressed here range from the profound to the mundane. For instance, we learn of one performer's personal crisis while another confesses to what he stashes in his instrument case during a performance (snacks, photos of loved ones, good luck charms). The inherent problem here is that most musicians are much better at playing than at giving interviews. But that's neither a headline nor a show-stopper.

After a while, all of the talking slows the pace and those not interested in music may lose heart. Clearly well-produced, the film will most appeal to its implied target audience.

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