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War Women and the News

War Women and the News

Spring 2007 Non-Fiction
Ages: 10 - 14 yrs.
Author: Catherine Gourley
ISBN: 0689877528
Hardcover Price: $21.99
Using clear language, Catherine Gourley writes about the history of journalism from the perspective of women war correspondents. Throughout War Women and the News: How Female Journalists Won the Battle to Cover World War II, we visit and revisit many talented and heroic women. Among them:

Margaret Bourke–White, a Life magazine photographer, famous for photographing skyscrapers, went on to become a combat photographer. She crouched on the roof of her hotel in Moscow, night after night, as bombs fell, taking photos. She accompanied a spy across enemy lines and survived to photograph battlefields.

Even fashion photographers turned to combat photography during WWII. Vogue photographer and former model, Lee Miller, went to Europe and covered the front lines in France, as the Nazis retreated from Saint–Malo. She was the first woman photographer to document the liberation of Paris. She pushed into Germany and was one of the first photographers to expose the horrors of concentration camps.

Martha Gellhorn began her journalism during the Great Depression, then traveled to Asia in 1941 to cover the Japanese invasion of China. Later, she lost her war correspondent accreditation for sneaking aboard a hospital ship during D–day. Martha waded onto the beach and helped injured soldiers.

Gourley compliments her words with historical photographs that are alternately troubling, inspiring, or chilling.

Mary Hollowell   ©2007 Parents' Choice
Mary Hollowell is a parent, a science teacher, and a naturalist. She lives in Peachtree City, Georgia.

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