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Watch & Learn Italian with Professor Toto Starter kit

Watch & Learn Italian with Professor Toto Starter kit

Fall 2006 DVD
Ages: 2 - 12 yrs.
DVD Price: $29.95
The folks at The Language Workshop for Children are at it again. In each of the newest Watch and Learn with Professor Toto kits viewers are introduced to the “Thibaut Technique” of learning a new language. M. Thibaut has designed the Professor Toto products around his time-tested beliefs that ldquo;children remember the words that make them happy, and that children should learn naturally, through immersion and not translation.”

Each of the Watch & Learn language kits (French, Spanish, Italian, German) follows the same script. In the first segment attentive student viewers meet Sophia, Professor Toto’s star pupil, who is eager to watch the film about a day in the life of four year old Eric. The young boy introduces viewers to his family and describes his daily routines that include brushing his teeth, going off to school and waiting for his father to come home from work. When Eric is safely tucked into bed for the night, the Professor returns and Sophia shows off her knowledge of vocabulary words learned during the reenactment of Eric’s Day.

In each language kit, the voices giving life to Eric, Sophia and The Professor speak beautifully. The cartoon animation holds appeal for young viewers; slightly older youngsters may label the amicable style as “retro”. All in all, these kits are charming child-friendly (but not dumbed-down) introductions to a new language.

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