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Fine Art Studio: Drawing

Fine Art Studio: Drawing

Fall 2005 Toys
Ages: 10 & Up
Price: $18.95
Fine Art Studio: Drawing book and kit provides a comprehensive, well-executed introduction to drawing techniques housed in a self-contained package with a handle. While it is appropriate for budding artists who wish to explore the medium for the first time, it is also helpful for the intermediate artist who wants to improve her/his skills. In addition to the illustrated, 40-page booklet, the kit features a collection of artist's quality supplies including five pencils and a sharpener, a portable sketchpad, textured paper and a 6" fully-posable wooden mannequin/model.

Throughout the booklet, various drawing techniques are demonstrated and shown in connection with well-known artists. Our adult "helper" remarked that the children could play with spontaneity or in a more directed way as they used the book to learn specific drawing techniques.

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