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Zimbbos! Elephantastic Pyramids

Zimbbos! Elephantastic Pyramids

Spring 2005 Games
Ages: 3 & Up
Price: $19.95
The object of the game is to stack the Elephants, Jokers and Balancing Bars in a pyramid without it collapsing. The player that successfully places Elephant #10 at the top of the pyramid wins.

The game includes one die, 10 elephants (numbered 1 through 10), 3 balancing bars of varying sizes and 5 jokers (2 clowns, 1 lion, 1 bear, and 1 gorilla), all made of colorfully painted wood and are easy for little hands to hold and stack.

Players take turns rolling a die that determines which pieces they may stack. Rolling a one dot signifies that one elephant may be placed on the pyramid, two dots signify two elephants, and three signify three elephants. Each time a player places an elephant, he must do so in numerical order. That is, Elephant #1 must be placed first, Elephant #2 second, and so on. When a star is rolled, the player may choose any one of the five Jokers or a Balancing Bar to place on the pyramid. Pieces can be stacked right side up or upside-down, beside or directly on top or balanced between two other pieces.

Since the roll of the die helps determine each play, the shape of the pyramid and combination of pieces played will be different with each game.

The game requires a nice combination of luck and skill making it possible for younger players to legitimately win against older opponents. Older players can strategize to make their opponents next move more challenging.

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Angel Menefee, a mother of three, tutors public and private school students from pre-kindergarten through Grade 12. Mrs. Menefee has authored foreign language, art and music curricula.

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