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Magic by the Book

Magic by the Book

Spring 2005 Story Books
Ages: 10 - 18 yrs.
Author: Nina Bernstein
Illustrator: Boris Kulikov
ISBN: 0-374-38047-3
Hardcover Price: $17.00
A first book for children by a seasoned writer is an estimable fantasy that will be most appreciated by imaginative young readers with a literary bent. There are references to classic tales, Robin Hood is among them, as are some of E. Nesbit's stories, Edward Eager's and Tolstoy. A few are as grisly as Grimm, but none nearly as frightening as the 6 o'clock television news. (There is a perspective that books give that probably preclude that.)

The novel is full of time warps, the astute reader will move quickly from Czarist Russia to the age of knights, on the way circling Sherwood Forest. Bernstein takes the reader soaring through the dramas of history and on the backs of grasshoppers. Enchantments pervade. Is it for today's children? Some.

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