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Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid

Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid

Spring 2005 Story Books
Ages: 5 - 8 yrs.
Author: Megan McDonald
Illustrator: Peter Reynolds
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 0-7636-2025-4
Hardcover Price: $12.99
James E. Moody, better known as "Stink," is three feet, eight inches short, and it's really bothering him. He is especially perturbed when Judy, in the role of big sister and chief tormentor of little brothers, measures him on the Shrimp-O-Meter only to find that he's somehow lost a quarter inch. When Stink and his second-grade classmates are asked to write a paper on "What President's Day Means to Me," Stink already has a favorite picked out: Who else but James Madison, America's shortest president? In his enthusiasm, he writes to the governor to suggest that Madison's portrait be used on the new state quarters. To top things off, Stink's family decides to throw him a special James Madison birthday party, celebrating both short stature and the inevitability of inches and feet to come.

McDonald's accurate and funny vernacular enhances her easy-to-follow story line. The tale is enthusiastically punctuated with Reynolds' black-and-white illustrations, which include a series of comic panels titled "The Adventures of Stink" - the protagonist's heroic fantasies run amok.

Mark Janssen   ©2005 Parents' Choice

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