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Nory Ryan's Song

Nory Ryan's Song

Fall 2000 Fiction
Ages: 8 - 12 yrs.
Author: Patricia Giff
Publisher: Delacorte Press
ISBN: 0-385-32141-4
Hardcover Price: $15.95
Motherless Nory lives with her grandfather, two older sisters, and little brother in a cottage on the west coast of Ireland. In 1845, times are hard. Father is away on a fishing boat working to earn their rent money. The situation becomes desperate when a subsistence crop of potatoes rots in the fields. Nory is left alone to care for her brother.

Her sufferings and those of others during the Irish Famine are understated but forceful. Nory maintains her compassion and reveals that of her author in this excellent historical novel.

Kemie Nix   ©2000 Parents' Choice
Kemie Nix is Chairman of Children's Literature for Children (CLC), a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational organization dedicated to bringing children and books together. Mrs. Nix, a senior book editor for Parents' Choice, has a remarkable sense of selecting books children love to read.

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