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Kids' Multi-Cultural Craft Book

Kids' Multi-Cultural Craft Book

Fall 2004 Doing & Learning
Ages: 8 - 16 yrs.
ISBN: 1-885593-91-0
Paperback Price: $12.95
Roberta Gould presents a world tour of crafts. The projects include toys, furniture, musical instruments and clothes of different cultures: a Zuni fetish necklace, a Persian mini rug, Russian nesting dolls and Egyptian scarab rings. The activities use many craft skills: weaving, sewing, painting and paper mache. Each project has a brief overview of the society where it originated, a short history of the object, a list of supplies, a step by step guide to completing the craft, black and white drawings of the steps and the finished product.

Directions are simple and clear - assuming the child has experience with scissors and a needle. Craft projects differ in complexity.

Eileen Kuhl   ©2004 Parents' Choice

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