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Mouse with Vest Puppet

Mouse with Vest Puppet

Fall 2004 Toys
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
Manufacturer: Folkmanis, Inc.
Price: $28.00
This enchanting mouse puppet will add an extra dimension to story hours --from Mother Goose rhymes... to Edna Miller’s Mousekin... to classic fables (The City Mouse and the Country Mouse)... to Robert Lawson’s Ben and Me (a story about Benjamin Franklin, told from the viewpoint of a mouse)—in addition to hundreds of other popular mouse stories and poems by authors such as Leo Lionni, Eve Titus, and Beverly Cleary.

This safely-constructed, tactilely appealing, warmly inviting creature will charm youngsters and intrigue adults as well. The outer washable surface is made of 100% polyester (a feature moms will appreciate). A child or adult hand can be easily inserted for puppet mobility, and two puppeteer fingers can simultaneously manipulate the mouse head and mandible to mimic “talking” and to create several interesting facial expressions. The flexible mouse body can be shaped into several character positions for use with well-known stories, for newly created original stories, or simply just for fun and make-believe. Some stories are:

Cat and Mouse in the Snow (Tomek Bogacki)
Doctor DeSoto (William Steig)
I’m Not Going to Chase the Cat Today! (Jessica Harper)
Mabela The Clever (Margaret Read MacDonald)
Myrtle (Tracey Campbell Pearson)

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