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Maask The Fun Race to Royalty

Maask The Fun Race to Royalty

Fall 2004 Games
Ages: 6 - 10 yrs.
Price: $19.95
The unique twist in this memory game is that a player who finds the matching object might not be able to keep it permanently. Twelve "jewels" (two each of six colors) are placed around a "crown," and are then covered by identical yellow "caps." Each player in turn rolls color dice, then tries to find the matching color jewels. Correct selections are placed in front of the player. As the game continues and fewer jewels remain on the crown, players can retrieve jewels from another player's cache, which requires remembering those locations, too. Play continues until no more jewels remain on the crown, at which time the one who has the most jewels is the winner.

There is one rule that might better be ignored: a player who finds both of the matching jewels on a single turn is allowed an extra turn and gets to roll the dice again. Children might ask why a player who's on a winning streak should get a chance to pull even farther ahead, then reach their own conclusion.

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