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A Penny a Look: An Old Story

A Penny a Look: An Old Story

Fall 1989 Picture Books
Ages: 4 - 8 yrs.
By: Harve Zemach
By: Margot Zemach
ISBN: 0374357935
Paperback Price: $4.95
A neat turn-and-turn-about fable of a go-getter red-haired man and his good-for-nothing brother who travel to the land of the one-eyed to capture a specimen to put on display. Tables are turned, however. There are more one-eyed folk than two-eyed, so who gets put in whose cage, to be viewed for "a penny a look"?

Once again, Margot Zemach's exuberant vision of the world of raggedy rascals and tipsy ne'er-do-wells, all higglety-pigglety makes this another of those slightly manic books the high-spirited love.

Peter Neumeyer   ©1989 Parents' Choice

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