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The Kid Who Named Pluto

The Kid Who Named Pluto

Fall 2004 Non-Fiction
Ages: 9 - 14 yrs.
Author: Marc McCutcheon
Illustrator: Jon Cannell
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 0-8118-3770-x
Hardcover Price: $15.95
Illustrated with simple line drawings and a few photographs, this collection of short biographies of young people who made contributions to science offers plenty of inspiration for the young scientific dreamer.

From Marry Anning who, born in 1799, is credited with discovering dinosaur fossils at age twelve to Emily Rosa who in fourth grade in 1996 disproved the concept of “Therapeutic Touch” and published her findings in JAMA, there are nine stories in all. Profiles range from the famous Isaac Asimov and Robert Goddard to the not so famous like Truman Henry Stafford and Venetia Burney. Not all of the young scientists actually made their discoveries or inventions as children, but they all documented the ideas that led to their later breakthroughs. Although a sources page is lacking, there is a good list of further readings at the book’s end.

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Tim Capehart, a Children's Librarian, has served on library staffs in Kentucky, Massachusetts and Ohio. TIm often reads books out loud to his two cats, who prefer picture books without dogs.

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