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Little Bill Thinks BIG

Little Bill Thinks BIG

Fall 2004 Software
Ages: 4 - 6 yrs.
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Price: $19.95
Platform: Windows/ MAC
OK, time for a disclaimer. I'm a big fan of Bill Cosby, since he was involved in the creation of the Nick Jr. series this game was based on, I was already rooting for this to be a good title. My cheerleading worked; I was not disappointed.

The program centers around collecting specific items needed to make a special "surprise," for each of the year's four seasons. Players journey through Little Bill's house, clicking on items to help locate the various mini games. Most actions perform a little animation and pose a simple instruction. For example, after showing a set of three blocks of various colors with numbers on them the players is asked to "click on the green four." Once a game is located, players click and select. Games include arranging a tube in order determined by colors, picking out aliens that match and placing them on the correct ships, or decorating a cookie with shapes so it matches a pre-made cookie. After finding and playing all the games to acquire the parts for a "seasonal surprise" players are verbally instructed to venture into the back yard to assemble the surprise. After correctly assembling the surprise, players can construct their own picture using a large variety of images and objects that can be dragged onto the screen. Artwork can be saved, loaded again, or even printed.

The graphics are well-crafted in two dimensional cartoon style. The voice of Little Bill is very upbeat and is always laughing - encouraging and pleasant for a younger listener.

Matt J. Carlson   ©2004 Parents' Choice
A PhD in Chemistry, Matt is currently teaching high school chemistry and physics.

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