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"The Birds, The Bees and Me" for Girls

Fall 2003 Home Video
Ages: 9 - 13 yrs.
VHS Price: $19.95
Many parents rely on books to provide information about puberty and sex for their children. This video does the job as well as any book, if not better. Hitting just the right tone throughout, the video opens with young Dr. Brandon Davison-Tracy, a pediatrician, urging that all viewers should make sure they're "ready" to learn about sex. Otherwise, he says, put the tape away and come back later. Then he introduces Sarah, who explains it all. Friendly, yet serious, she's like a babysitter or big sister who immediately puts the viewer at ease. She doesn't giggle, but she does smile and deliver her explanations clearly and seriously. She starts off saying that in our culture, we hear the word sex a lot these days, but it's really about a sperm and egg coming together. Using cartoon graphics at times to illustrate body parts or acts, Sarah narrates the sensitive information excellently. She points out that there are choices to make, and stresses these are choices that "you" make. She doesn't advocate any religious point of view, but says of herself, "I'm waiting until I'm married."
Ann Oldenburg   ©2003 Parents' Choice
Ann Oldenburg, assistant director of the journalism program at Georgetown University, began her career at The Washington Post and went on to spend more than two decades with USA Today, where she covered pop culture topics. She and her husband have three sons and live in McLean, Virginia.

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