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George Washington's Teeth

George Washington's Teeth

Spring 2003 Picture Books
Ages: 4 - 8 yrs.
Author: Madeleine Comora
Author: Deborah Chandra
Illustrator: Brock Cole
ISBN: 0-374-32534-0
Hardcover Price: $16.00
George Washington’s Teeth? Definitely a side bar to American history is this droll and carefully researched account of our first President’s lifelong problems with his teeth and how hard he “worked to save them.” In jaunty verse, authors Chandra and Comora chronicle Washington’s crossing of the Delaware with nine teeth in his mouth, only to arrive at the other side of the river with just seven. At snowbound Valley Forge “His blue coat hung in tatters/ By then he’d only seven teeth/ That couldn’t even chatter!” By the time poor George is inaugurated as our nation’s first elected leader, “The people had a President,/but one afraid to grin.” All ends well when a now toothless George helps his faithful dentist construct a set of false teeth carved from a “strong hippo tusk.” Artist Brock Cole’s lively watercolor paintings keep the story’s pace fast, managing to hold the listener/viewer’s attention both for historical facts and Washington’s dental troubles. It’s a winning confection worthy of notice.
Selma G. Lanes   ©2003 Parents' Choice

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