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Money Savvy Pig

Money Savvy Pig

Fall 2002 Doing & Learning/Toy
Ages: 3 & Up
Price: $16.99
At first glance, The Money Savvy Pig may not appear to be, per se, a "toy". But don’t be deceived. This product is original, educational, and morally commendable. And yes, it inspires creativity. It provides kids with the tools and the opportunity to see how dollars are spent. Perhaps this simple piggy bank is the key that will close the door on greed, and open others to thinking about consequences, planning ahead, and pondering generosity at times other than traditional holiday giving.

Four see-through compartments: SAVE, SPEND, DONATE and INVEST, allow youngsters and parents to watch what happens as choices are made to spend or allocate money. The Money Savvy Pig includes explanations of these four choices, as well as suggestions for learning more. Not feeling so Money Savvy? Online help is available at

Be it in turbulent economic times or not, we believe this may be the educational toy of the year.

Claire Green   ©2002 Parents' Choice
Claire is president of Parents' Choice Foundation and cofounder of Sandbox Summit®. She looks for toys and media that will unleash children's interests, and celebrate the fun of learning.

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