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Fall 2002 Story Books
Ages: All Ages
Author: Bernard Waber
ISBN: 0-618-23855-7
Hardcover Price: $12.00
Courage - or the lack of it - is something children learn about early in their encounters with playmates. What child hasn't been labeled "chicken", at one time or other, for failing to jump from a high diving board or, perhaps, to ride a two-wheeler no handed? Waber, the creator of Lyle Crocodile and a host of other appealing pictures books, here examines the word courage and offers a wide variety of examples of courage, from the awesome (being a circus trapeze artist) to the mundane ("explaining the rip in your brand-new pants"). Though some of Waber's examples seem wide of the mark ("Courage is a scenic car trip and being stuck in the middle during the best part."), the author/artist has provided a thought-provoking work that is sure to elicit many a smile. Children may well come up with their own examples of courage. For Waber, courage is daring to write a book with a single word as its protagonist. And for the book's publisher, courage is selling the work for so reasonable a price.
Selma G. Lanes   ©2002 Parents' Choice

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