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Play is how children learn. Through play, children learn to build structures and relationships. Pretend play builds vocabularies and character. Active play builds muscles and cooperative skills. Playing games builds skills of patience and strategy. Scheduling playtime for children should be a priority, not a postscript.

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Even the best games become too familiar, at some point. The challenges are all familiar, and the rules have long since been mastered. Rather than let the game go dusty on your shelf, however, why not remix it?
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Digital Dialogue
In this exclusive series, author and journalist Lisa Guernsey speaks with a wide range of thought leaders in the overlapping realms of creativity, education, and technology.

The Power of Play
The Power of Play
Whether it's a family checkers tournament or an afternoon spent examining anthills in the backyard, play is an integral part of a happy, healthy childhood.

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From the Blog: Play
From digital play to rainy day ideas and everything in between, our bloggers share the latest news on all types of play.