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Reference Tools & Homework Helpers

Start the school year right by offering your kids a ready set of reference tools and homework helpers for all of the subjects they will be studying. Use our guides below to find award-winning products, websites and apps for students of all ages.

For early learners beginning to explore math, reading, spelling and telling time, these products offer fun and engaging opportunities to practice their skills.
Children have different styles of learning and these websites offer engaging ways of exploring multiple subjects as well as helpful tips on ways to study.
Build reading, language and vocabulary skills with the help of these interactive and engaging books, software and games.
Math is often a challenging subject for students. With these products, not only with children learn skills with numbers, but they may also learn to love math.
From biology to paleontology, ecology to geology, and more, these products offer ideas to get young scientists started - no matter what their "ology" of interest.
The following products, websites and apps offer a birds-eye view into our past and the world around us.