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The Best 25 of 25 Years
Our final selections for the best 25 audio, book, toy, and software products for the past 25 years.

Best 25 Toys
Good toys have staying power; they engage. They help build attention spans, not fragment them. This list of toys will do just that. Read More >


Best 25 Software
Was there a time when kids didn't sit captivated at computers learning while playing? Don Oldenburg examines the history of Parents’ Choice Awards in children’s software.
Read More >
Best 25 Books
For the past 25 years, we at Parents’ Choice have been reading and reviewing, and reading more. Here we unveil the Best 25 Books of 25 Years. Read More >


Best 25 Audio
Although music may have moved from vinyl to CDs, Lynne Dalton Heffley shows why these 25 titles have stood the test of time. Read More >
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