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Family Recipes Get a Healthy Makeover

Recipe Rehab hit on the secret ingredients to make tired old cooking shows fresh again. It blends health and how-to information with the suspense of reality TV cooking competitions, and adds everyday families into the mix to provide the recipes and judge the winner. This half-hour program airs Saturday mornings on ABC affiliates and although program information says the show's appropriate for teens aged 13 to 16, it's got a family-viewing vibe.

Recipe Rehab

Each episode features a beloved recipe submitted by a family, whom we meet in their home. They describe the dish and graphics detail its health stats. From apple pie to lasagna, the family favorites are usually laden with calories, fat, sodium and carbs.

Enter the reality competition component of Recipe Rehab. Two professional chefs then face off on a studio kitchen set. They have 60 minutes to "rehab" the recipe and turn out a healthier version. In one episode, the chefs makes over a family's favorite mac and cheese dish, which weighs in at over 800 calories per serving. One chef uses butternut squash, unsweetened almond milk, and thyme in place of cheese sauce, cutting calories by 80%. Her competitor uses cauliflower, wheat flour, and Greek yogurt in his version, cutting calories by 50%. The family who provided the original recipe then gets to decide a winner - but only after preparing each recipe and then taste-testing it. They determine a winner based on flavor, healthiness, and ease of preparation.

Chef Mareya's Gluten-Free Brownies

Facebook ChatWant help rehabbing your recipes? Join our live chat on Facebook with chef Mareya Ibrahim at 11am on Tuesday, 6/25. Mareya will share tips for substituting healthy ingredients and adding vegetables to classic recipes.

Now the show has released a new cookbook, RECIPE REHAB: 80 Delicious Recipes That Slash the Fat, Not the Flavor. In it find decadent healthy recipes like French Toast stuffed with “No-tella” (a mix of yogurt, almond butter, and cocoa powder sweetened by agave) and revamps of takeout favorites like orange chicken. This week, we are giving away three copies of the book to our readers. Enter by Thursday, 6/27 for a chance to win.



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