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Family Games for Family Fun - Our Latest Picks

At Parents' Choice, we are big fans of games that bring the family together for learning, fun and laughter. Below is our collection of the latest award-winning games that offer creative challenges for kids - and parents - of all ages. These games would be a great addition to any gift list or for your next family game night. For further recommendations, click here to see more of our time-tested favorites.
Mummy's Treasure Game Mummy's Treasure Game
Ages: 3 & Up
HABA, $12.00

The Mummy's Treasure Game is a fun game in which even young children learn to strategize to win the game. The games theme is one of "mummies, treasure hunters, and treasures". The game comes with four game cards called "excavation sites" that look like a bingo grid, five dice with six different pictures of treasures on them, and multiple game "tiles" that have pictures that match the dice treasures on them. The goal of the game is to cover one's entire game card. This is a very fun game that teaches problem solving and promotes strategizing throughout. It has good long term appeal and will be enjoyed by children of all ages (though the most ideal age range is probably 6-11 years old).

Can You See What I See? Bingo Link Can You See What I See? Bingo Link
Ages: 6 & Up
Gamewright, $15.99

It takes sharp eyes, good memory, a little planning, plus a bit of luck to make a continuous path of objects that connects the same colored border on opposite sides of the hexagonal game board. Each player's game board contains 61 images. Although each picture is on every board, they appear in different locations. On each player's turn s/he calls out the name of any object on the board, then covers the picture with a game piece, and waits until all the other players have located and covered the same object on their boards. Play continues until one player wins by creating a continuous path that connects one colored border to the matching color border on the opposite side of the board.

The Magic Labyrinth The Magic Labyrinth
Ages: 6 & Up
Playroom Entertainment, $30.00

The Magic Labyrinth is a fun twist on the traditional memory game that makes it appealing to children (and adults) of all ages. The goal of the game is to obtain as many "magic symbol chips" as possible. To obtain the chips, you have to move your pawn across a labyrinth, the walls of which are hidden underneath the game board. Each pawn has a "magical" magnet on it, and the magnet is moved from underneath the board. If you run into a wall the magnet falls off and you have to start over. The goal is to remember where the different walls are so you can avoid them in the future. The person with the most chips wins. The game is versatile, as the labyrinth's difficulty can be adjusted for different age and skill levels. For young children, place just a few walls. For older kids, it's possible to create very challenging labyrinth with many walls. As your child's memory improves, you can add more walls. This game both educational and fun, and its flexible difficulty level allows it to grow with your child.

Wits & Wagers Family Wits & Wagers Family
Ages: 7 & Up
North Star Games LLC, $19.99

Wits & Wagers Family is a fun, quick numbers trivia game for 3-5 players or teams. After a question is read aloud, each player writes a guess on their answer board and places it on the table. Players put their Meeples on the guess(es) they think are closest to the real answer without going over. A large Meeple on the closest answer scores 2 points while a small Meeple on the closest answer scores 1 point. One point also goes to the person who wrote the best answer. A total score of 15 wins a game. No one is expected to get the correct answer to these outrageous kid-friendly questions; one must just wager well.

Bubble Talk Bubble Talk
Ages: 8 & Up
Techno Source, $19.99

Bubble Talk includes seventy-five double-sided picture cards (150 photos), three hundred caption cards and an instruction manual. Each player draws seven caption cards and the Judge draws a photo card. Players then put down the caption card in their hand that best matches with the photo. The Judge selects the funniest caption and that player earns points. Bubble Talk features tons of hilarious pictures and wacky captions that will get families laughing.

Minotaurus Minotaurus
Ages: 8 & Up
The LEGO Group, $24.99

The aim of this two-to-four-player game is to be first to move one's own "heroes" into a secret temple hidden inside a labyrinth, being careful to avoid the mythical Minotaur who guards the temple. The basic game is played on an 11-inch square game board that fits neatly into the box it came in. A template simplifies the placement of the obstacles both avoidable (hedges) and impassable (walls). After having completed the first game, players have the option to customize the game to their own preferences by changing the playing area, the pieces, and even the rules. This welcome feature keeps the game ever new and gives players an understanding of the process of developing a game. Testers were enthralled to be able to use their beloved Legos to create and play a boardgame.

Trango Trango
Ages: 8 & Up
ThinkFun, Inc. , $19.99

Trango is a game in which two to four players take turns linking together triangular pieces to form shapes (ranging from a simple 4-piece triad to a 10-piece spade) while simultaneously blocking others from doing the same. The game requires pattern recognition on a mixed-up playing field and strategic thinking to prepare for the next big design. 2-player games move swiftly; 4-player games take longer but leave more opportunities for surprising moves. The game is conceptually simple but challenging in practice, making it quick to learn but still a potential long-term family favorite.

Ages: 9 & Up
Blue Orange Games, $14.99

Sumoku is a unique crossword-style game with numbers. It can be played 5 different ways. Whether you are looking for fast action with friends, a challenging pastime, or an addictive game that brings family together, sumoku has it all! Just add up tiles to multiples of the number shown on the die, connect them all together, and you have a sumoku! Packed with endless challenges, sumoku is pure adding fun! Manufacturer's Description

Forbidden Island Forbidden Island
Ages: 10 & Up
Gamewright, $15.99

Dare to discover Forbidden Island! Join a team of fearless adventurers on a do-or-die mission to capture four sacred treasures from the ruins of this perilous paradise. Your team will have to work together and make some pulse-pounding maneuvers, as the island will sink beneath every step! Race to collect the treasures and make a triumphant escape before you are swallowed into the watery abyss! Manufacturer's Description

Ages: 10 & Up
Thames & Kosmos, $39.95

Konexi Konexi
Ages: 10 & Up
Wonder Forge Inc., $19.99

Think simplified Scrabble meets reverse Jenga and you get this 3D word-building game that's not only fun, but also thought-provoking and educational. Instead of crosswords, players get towering words in Konexi. Players start by forming a circle of the twenty-six 3-D stacking letters of the alphabet. A roll of the die determines the first player's choice of starting letter. From there, it's all about building a teetering tower of words. Turn by turn, players use as many of the remaining letters as possible to stack on the current tower of letters and spell new words worth one point per letter. Konexi stacks up to be the kind of good, old-fashioned, tabletop, family fun that seems endangered in today's techie electronic-gaming world. And it gets kids thinking about word choices, which is a good thing.

Sounds Like a Plan Sounds Like a Plan
Ages: 10 & Up
Gamewright, $19.99

Sounds Like a Plan comes with three hundred advice cards, one hundred to-do lists, eight wooden pawns, one die, and one game board. On each turn, a player acts as the judge and draws a task card. Other players offer cards with silly advice for completing the task. Points are awarded to the player whose advice is deemed best by the judge. Parents and children will enjoy asking each other why they offered or chose which advice.

Thanks A Lot!? Thanks A Lot!?
Ages: 12 & Up
Wonder Forge Inc., $19.99

In Thanks A Lot, players give and receive gifts to their opponents. Each player orders the gifts they receive on each turn from favorite to least favorite, and points are rewarded to players based on how well-liked their gifts were. Families will learn plenty about each other and the game will provoke conversations and laughter.

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