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Fitness, Yoga and a Healthy Lifestyle

Kids of all ages will be running, jumping, dancing, striking a pose or two, and learning lifelong healthy habits with these fitness and yoga products.

Itsy Bitsy Yoga Play n' Flourish Itsy Bitsy Yoga Play n' Flourish
Ages: Infant - 10 months
Spirit into Life, Inc., $19.99 (DVD)   

Helen Garabedian, creator of the Itsy Bitsy Yoga program for infants, brings her instructional techniques into parents' living rooms with her new yoga DVDs for babies ages birth to 10 months. Each DVD offers a "mini-class" in which Helen teaches two other mothers and their babies how to go through a series of gentle routines, as well as one-on-one routines in which Helen works independently with an infant to further demonstrate the exercises. There is also a special section devoted to working with newborn infants under 10 weeks of age. The DVD menu and accompanying DVD guide included with the disc make it easy to create a custom routine based on your baby's needs or the length of time you have to do the exercises.

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My Gym at Home, Fun With Monique My Gym at Home, Fun With Monique
Ages: 0 - 3 yrs.
Baby First TV, $15.95 (DVD)   

The DVD is more of an activity for moms to guide their young ones to their first exercise regimen. It is paced like an expensive baby gym class, but all of the exercises can be performed in the comforts of home. Aimed at children six months to three years, the program is really about interacting with your baby and keeping them stimulated on an age appropriate level.

A Hop, Skip, and a Jump: Activity Songs for the Very Young A Hop, Skip, and a Jump: Activity Songs for the Very Young
Ages: 1 - 4 yrs.
A Gentle Wind, $14.95 (CD)   

Pam Donkin sings and plays light and gentle songs, employing mainly acoustic instruments and a child-centered approach for getting kids to move their bodies. Backed by some great, bluegrass influenced banjos and fiddles, the collection is refreshingly free of glitz and hype. This well produced CD includes a bonus section, which when accessed on the computer, provides printable lyrics, an activity guide, and additional songs and videos.

Elmo's World:  Food, Water & Exercise Elmo's World: Food, Water & Exercise
Ages: 2 - 4 yrs.
Sony Wonder, $12.99 (DVD)   

Join Elmo as he explores why food, water and exercise are essential parts of our life. An apple talks about his family tree, Elmo scuba dives to depths unknown, and children can join in the exercise by grooving to the Bunny Hop. With Elmo, children can learn about foods from around the world, dip into deep water and stay healthy and strong with exercise.

Sesame Street Happy Healthy Monsters Sesame Street Happy Healthy Monsters
Ages: 2 - 4 yrs.
Sony Wonder, $12.99 (DVD)   

In this Sesame Street DVD, preschool aged children are challenged to use their motor skills (exercising/jumping) and cognitive skills (understanding healthy eating, how to take your pulse) to learn about healthy habits. The DVD uses a variety of teaching methods, including songs, skits, and modeling behavior with real children to teach about exercise and healthy food.

Action Packed Action Packed
Ages: 2 - 8 yrs.
Bobolo Productions, $14.99 (CD)   

Bobs & Lolo, a.k.a. Robyn Hardy and Lorraine Pond, smooth harmonies and frolicsome approach impart refreshing life to original songs that encourage physical exercise and active play, good nutrition, reading, good manners, consideration of others, healthy friendships and making a difference in the world. Instead of sinking under their own worthy weight, these tuneful tracks float and shimmer like soap bubbles in the sun.

Yoga Child: A Peaceful Place Inside Yoga Child: A Peaceful Place Inside
Ages: 2 - 10 yrs.
Bingo Records, $11.99 (CD)   

Charming and approachable, child advocate and yoga instructor Gail Silver delivers child-friendly instruction for exercise, breathing techniques designed to calm as well as energize and imaginative activities developed to mitigate stress. Gentle suggestions that Moms and Dads can benefit from these exercises are given with a wink and a smile.

Storytime Yoga: The Peddler's Dream Storytime Yoga: The Peddler's Dream
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
Crescendo Communications, Flashback Media Productions, $14.95 (DVD)   

Sydney Solis, a mother, storyteller and certified yoga teacher, created Storytime Yoga to combine the beauty of story and yoga in one. The Peddler's Dream uses unique stick puppetry, Spanish, geography and yoga to teach the story of a peddler who goes in search of a treasure, only to discover that his treasure had always been with him. Sydney uses the yoga poses to elaborate on the philosophical concepts presented in the story. And with the help of her four young yoga students, it is easy for children to follow along and learn the poses.

You Can Dance! You Can Dance!
Ages: 3 - 10 yrs.
The Learning Station/Hug-A-Chug Records, $15.00 (CD)   

Designed to introduce children to basic dances and the moves needed to dance, Don and Laurie Monopoli created nineteen original songs to teach dance styles from ballroom to disco and from hip-hop to hula. This fun-filled CD comes with a comprehensive booklet of lyrics and dance instructions.

Ages: 3 & Up
Electronic Arts, $59.99

Get fit with a holistic approach to fitness that combines nutrition and lifestyle factors, with a variety of activities, all from the convenience of your living room. From customized routines that target upper body, lower body, and cardio to a guided 30-day challenge that tests muscle endurance, coordination and agility, stay in shape with fitness made fun and easy. The system is packaged with rubber resistance stretch bands and a Velcro-fastened thigh strap designed to hold your Wii nunchuk while you're holding the attached Wii remote in your hand. Also works with the Wii balance board.Product Description

Sack Racing Sack Racing
Ages: 3 & Up
ALEX, $19.99

On your mark, get set, go! Children had tons of fun racing to the finish in these colorful nylon sacks. Sturdy enough to hold the weight of a ten-year old, the woven handles provide support younger children might need. Each sack set comes with two different animals: frog and monkey or rabbit and kangaroo. When the games are over, these sacks can be used to carry toys, beach towels, or a worn out racer to the car.

Toucanz Trail Obstacle Adventure Toucanz Trail Obstacle Adventure
Ages: 5 - 10 yrs.
Avid Ideas, $14.95 (DVD)   

If you're looking for an exercise DVD that will get your child up off the couch, or looking for a video that might give you some active birthday party ideas, this is it. How can it do both? It's because there are two distinct parts. The first is a complete workout, from warm up to cool down, leading a group of elementary school kids through a variety of moves from sit-ups to push-ups and more. The second part of the video offers suggestions for creating your own obstacle course.

Kideosyncrasy Volume 2 Kideosyncrasy Volume 2
Ages: 5 - 12 yrs.
Kideosyncrasy, Inc., $19.99 (DVD)   

"Kideosyncrasy," which touts the motto "getting the world in shape one kid at a time," has an infectious spirit with its entertaining dance and exercise routines set to hip hop and pop music. Here, the kids are careful to explain words thrown about the exercise community like aerobics and endorphins (chemicals that create happy making brains). Health facts are put into clever visual analogies as one girl explains that the body loses the equivalent of 12 cafeteria-sized milk cartons of water on an average day. The dance steps are also thoroughly explained and the choreography is taught slowly.

KidTribe's KidTribe's "Hooper-Size!"
Ages: 6 - 10 yrs.
KidTribe, $19.99 (DVD)   

This exercise video sports a brand new twist in fitness- if you don't mind the obvious pun - since it's a workout based on that famous hoop we all spun on our waists as kids. The host invites kids to join the "Hoop Hop Nation" as she spirals, curls, coils and twists her way through a hip-hop-inspired exercise routine she says will help burn calories and strengthen muscles. Overall, KidTribe's Hooper-Size has upbeat music, jaw-dropping hoop moves, and an engaging host. Kids won't be able to resist giving this inventive, fun and frenetic workout a try.

KidTribe's KidTribe's "What Up? Warm Up!"
Ages: 6 - 10 yrs.
KidTribe, $19.99 (DVD)   

Miss Kellee and her KidTribe Crew not only preach the importance of exercise, they actually demonstrate the proper way to do it, especially warming up before any regular exercise activity. Their catchy signature song gets kids on their feet with moves simple enough to be picked up with minimal repetition. Some of the best parts of the DVD are the interviews with kids who talk about their favorite sport and how stretching and warming is crucial for all activities. Unlike most exercise videos that cover the standard sports, these kids showcase a wide range of activities from jumping rope and fencing to dancing and circus tricks.

Hyper Jump Hyper Jump
Ages: 6 & Up
Wild Planet Entertainment, Inc., $29.99

This clever, active game gets kids thinking on their feet - literally! - as they jump and hop to follow commands. Kids at the younger end of the spectrum can keep up with simple instructions such as jumping from one color or number to the next. Older kids will be challenged by more complex sequences that get trickier based on skill level, as well as a "reverse" command that requires them to remember the last steps they completed. Races between kids can be timed for added competition or kids can strive to beat their best time in solo play mode. Here, the words hyper and activity are a winning combination.

Denise Austin's Fit Kids Denise Austin's Fit Kids
Ages: 7 - 14 yrs.
Lions Gate Home Entertainment, $14.98 (DVD)   

Denise Austin is so energetic that our testers couldn't help but have fun with this DVD. The workout itself is very good and appropriate for a rather wide age range (7-14 or so). It offers something slightly different from other exercise videos available for children. It incorporates fun moves from sports drills (basketball, skiing), hip-hop, yoga, and dance to make it a really diverse workout that is well suited to both boys and girls. Overall, it is a good tool for encouraging young people to get active and to stay healthy.

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