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Gifts Kids Can Make

If you remember how pleased you were to construct a present for someone you loved, then offer your kids suggestions to help them create a gift they'll be proud to give.

A story, a puppet, cookies or a collage, our suggestions feature a variety of products youngsters can use to craft something special. And for more creative ideas, don't miss our Arts & Crafts list and Food, Cooking & Kitchens for home-baked treats.

Kids' Garden Tile Kit
Ages: 3 & Up

This is the perfect way for kids to show off their creative talent by making their own marker for the garden or a keepsake for parents, grandparents or teachers to enjoy. Stone can be personalized with the bright garden shape tiles, glass gems and letter stamps. Includes 3.5 lbs. of stepping stone mix, 9" flower mold, wooden mixing paddle, writing tool, garden tiles, mini gems, letter stamps and easy to follow instructions. Product Description

Make-Your-Own™ CardsMake-Your-Own™ Cards & Make-Your-Own™ Cards ll
Ages: 4 & Up
Made By Hands, Inc., $17.95

Your child will love creating unique and vibrantly-colored greeting cards, holiday wishes, thank-you notes and invitations. Contains over 500-800 (depending on kit) Pop-Outs!™ (fun and easy pop-out shapes), 20 cards & envelopes, and a glue stick. Product Description

Make-Your-Own™ Frames
Ages: 4 & Up
Made By Hands, Inc., $17.95

Your child will love showcasing treasured photos and artwork with everything needed to create one-of-a-kind frames. Contains over 500 Pop-Outs!™ (fun and easy pop-out shapes), 10 frames in 3 sizes, and a glue stick. Product Description

Easy Art Fun! Do-It-Yourself Crafts For Beginning Readers
Ages: 5 - 8 yrs.
Author: Jill Frankel Hauser    Illustrator: Savlan Hauser
Williamson Publishing, $12.95

Younger children will enjoy working on these easy, yet fun, craft projects while learning reading and direction-following skills. Projects range from puppets to painting to jewelery design - i.e. there's something for everyone.

Ages: 5 - 12 yrs.
Chimeric, $21.95

Children write and illustrate their own original story, then send the pages back to the company. After a few weeks, they’ll be thrilled to receive a professionally hardbound book with their name, book title and illustration laminated onto the cover, and their illustrated story inside.

Make-Your-Own™ Thank-You Notes
Ages: 5 & Up
Made By Hands, Inc., $19.99

Although we've come to expect plenty of materials in the Made-By-Hands kits, the unexpected element is the charming booklet of suggestions for how, why and to whom thank you notes can be sent. Examples include thanking Grandma and Grandpa for the visit, a doctor for his kindness, or a friend for a sleepover. And yes, spelling does count.

Loop N Loom
Ages: 5 & Up
ALEX, $19.99

The weaving loom is not a new toy. But, what makes this version different are the bright, colorful “loops”: they stretch. This innovation makes the weaving process much easier for children and gives them the pride that comes with creating something on their own with little help needed from Mom or Dad. The kit includes a 7.5"; x 7.5" metal loom, 180 loops in 9 colors, buttons, yarn, crochet hook, a large needle and illustrated instructions. Children can create potholders, bracelets, a handbag, and more.

My Birdhouse Kit - Paint the WildMy Birdhouse Kit - Paint the Wild
Ages: 6 - 10 yrs.
Balitono, Inc., $19.00

Attract beauty and nature to your backyard with this functional birdhouse. This handsome house is expertly built with attention to details to provide a safe and welcoming place for smaller birds to reside. Enhance its model construction with your creative design. This kit includes a solid wood birdhouse with removable roof, drainage & ventilation holes, 7 non-toxic acrylic paints, weather-resistant varnish, 2 paintbrushes, painting guide and stencil design. Product Description

Design Your Own Soccer Ball Kit
Ages: 6 - 12 yrs.
Design Your Own, $19.99

This kit combines sports and crafts into one package. Everything you need is included - a real hand-sewn all-weather regulation size soccer ball for authentic play, a pump and needle, specialized non-toxic paints and instructions. Great for both boys and girls.

Knot a Quilt
Ages: 6 & Up
ALEX, $19.99

Forty-eight 9" bright colored fleece squares. Begin by planning the design, stripes or a checkerboard for example, on a clean floor or other large flat surface. Create the pattern by making a row of eight squares across. Continue by placing the next row of eight squares below, until six rows of eight squares each have been positioned. The fringed edges of the squares are ready to be tied in - what else? Square knots. Simple directions caution not to pull the fringes too hard or the fabric could cinch.

Paint the Wild - My Bird Diner KitPaint the Wild - My Bird Diner Kit
Ages: 6 & Up
Balitono, Inc., $17.00

Decorate a functional solid wood bird feeder with a removable roof and sliding acrylic windows. Kit includes 7 paint colors, varnish, brushes, sandpaper, painting guide and stencil design.

My Chunky and Funky Scarf
Ages: 7 & Up
ALEX, $13.99

A beginners kit for knitting. With simple instruction learn to knit a scarf a shawl or a small purse. The chunky needles and fat yarn make it easy for little hands. Each kit comes with a set of chunky needles and lots of yarn. Product Description

My First Sewing KitMy First Sewing Kit
Ages: 7 & Up
ALEX, $19.99

My First Sewing Kit includes materials for five projects that are easy to complete in a short amount of time (30 to 45 minutes per project). Although the instructions are simplified for the beginner, our testers welcomed and benefited by some initial assistance from an adult. The kit includes brightly colored felt, fabric, three precut animal shapes (cat, dog, and elephant), fabulous colored pins, fiber fill, plenty of brightly colored embroidery floss, sewing needles (the eyes on the needles are just the right size for a beginner sewer) and scissors.

Super Embroidery Kit
Ages: 7 & Up
ALEX, $19.99

This super kit comes with its own convenient felt carrying bag that you can decorate with embroidery, too. It's packed with dozens of awesome supplies and terrific ideas. Comes with 12 colors of floss, plastic embroidery hoop, scissors, needles, ribbon, sequins, buttons, glass beads, flowers, felt butterflies, five colors of felt, felt shapes, practice cloth and transfer paper. Easy instructions include lots of great project ideas. Product Description

Simple Sewing
Ages: 7 & Up
Klutz, $19.95

A collection of fabrics, felt, ribbons, trimmings, and colored threads tempt the novice to explore the craft of hand sewing. Instructions on how to make everything from pincushions to scented sachets.

Simple Embroidery
Ages: 8 & Up
Klutz, $21.95

This friendly book of instruction shows the ins-and-outs of 14 different embroidery stitches, and comes with all the supplies needed to get stitching, including thread, needles and an embroidery loop. It's everything you need to embroider anything you want. Book Description

Almost-Instant Scrapbooks
Ages: 8 & Up
Author: Laura Check    Editor: Emily Stetson   Illustrator: Betsy Day
Williamson Publishing, $8.95

Provides instructions for creating various types of scrapbooks with information about collecting and preserving materials, weeding and labeling, and designing the pages and cover. Book Description

Knowledge Adventure Books by YouKnowledge Adventure Books by You
Ages: 8 & Up
Knowledge Adventure, $19.99

Start with a concept that involves teaching kids the fundamental elements of a story and leading them through a tale template until they create a customized chapter book. Make it live and breathe by putting the joyful and articulate entertainer John Lithgow at the center of instruction and you have a program that inspires children about authorship. Program users can complete chapters in about 5 to 10 minutes and have their own short novel in less than 30 minutes.Once the book is complete, kids can save the file as a PDF, print it, or even send away for professional binding (softcover is $10, hardcover is $20).

Paint the Wild - Spiral Windchime Kit
Ages: 8 & Up
Balitono, Inc., $17.00

Kids 8 and up can decorate a musical mobile by painting the wooden slats. Kits includes a fully assembled mobile with six 18" x 5" chimes, 7 paint colors, varnish, brushes, sandpaper, painting guide and stencil design.

2 Square Glass Plates2 Square Glass Plates
Ages: 8 & Up
Creativity for Kids, $19.99

Paint your own designs on the backs of two square glass plates; then display your works of art on an easel or plate hanger. This crafty kit teaches kids all about the unique technique of reverse glass painting. Includes two 8-inch square glass plates, plate hanger, display easel, acrylic paint, paint brush, illustrated instructions and ideas.

Making Fleece Crafts
Ages: 8 & Up
Kids Can Press, $12.95

Fleece is warm, soft, stretchy, colorful, non-raveling, easy to wash, quick to dry and, best of all, simple to work with. Kids can make cozy blankets, snuggly hats and adorable stuffed animals. The projects can be hand- or machine-sewn, and in many cases, fabric glued.

Design Your Own Skateboard Kit
Ages: 8 & Up
Design Your Own, $19.99

This kit includes a fully assembled 24" natural wood skateboard plus specialized paint, black grip tape, brushes and instructions for designing and painting it.

Sew Fun
Ages: 8 & Up
ALEX, $49.99

A practical and affordable way to introduce a child to the domestic art of sewing, this machine is appropriately sized, simple to operate, and not overloaded with all the bells and whistles of an expensive adult machine. Sew what? This fully functioning model comes complete with all the materials necessary to make two projects (a purse and a skirt), as well as extras such as a pincushion, extra bobbins, thread and measuring tape.

Handmade CardsHandmade Cards
Ages: 14 & Up
Author: Anne Akers Johnson
Klutz, $24.95

The instruction book for nine card styles (ranging from a photo easel to flowers to a pop-up) is attached to a portfolio holding all the necessary materials (22 sheets of paper, measuring grid, folding tool, and reusable card templates). Instructions are clearly-illustrated in color and written in a conversational tone as if a friend were standing beside you explaining how to do each step.

Memory Art: 2 Tiles to Treasure
Ages: All Ages
Faber-Castell USA, $15.00

Craft a special memory for your family. Includes 2 ceramic tiles, 2 wooden frames to paint, paint, brushes & plastic apron.

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