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David Small


David Small grew up in Detroit, and has said that these industrial, urban surroundings helped him appreciate the beauty of art from an early age. Childhood illness kept him in bed for stretches of time, and this isolation also helped fire his imagination and interest in drawing.

He earned an MFA from Yale in 1972 and taught drawing and printmaking at the college level until his career as a children's book illustrator developed into a full-time endeavor. His first book, Eulalie and the Hopping Head, was published in 1972.

Currently, David Small lives in Michigan with his wife, Sarah Stewart, a children's book author. They have collaborated on several books, including the 1999 Parents' Choice Silver Honor winner, The Library. Mr. Small recently received the 2001 Caldecott Award for his latest work, So You Want to Be President?

Parents' Choice recommended books by David Small:

The Library The Library
Ages: 4 - 8 yrs.
Author: Sarah Stewart   Illustrator: David Small  
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $5.95 (Paperback)

(1999 Silver Honor Paperback) Sarah Stewart. Illustrated by David Small. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, ISBN 0-374-44394-7


Hoover's Bride (1995 Parents' Choice Approval). David Small. Crown, ISBN 0517597071. Ages 4 - 9. [This title is currently out of print. Please check your local library or an out of print book dealer to locate a copy.]


George Washington's Cows (1994 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Picture Book and 1997 Parents' Choice Gold Award Paperback) David Small. Farrar Straus & Giroux, ISBN 0-374-42534-5, $4.95. Ages 5 - 7.
Coddled cows upstairs, pigs running the household, and lecturing sheep-is it any wonder that George Washington fled home to brave the frosty Delaware? Told in rollicking verse and virtuoso watercolors, Small's book is a model of economy of line and narrative moving so fast you don't have time to wonder or stop chuckling. Reviewed by Peter Neumeyer, ©1997 Parents' Choice

The Money Tree (1994 Parents' Choice Approval). Sarah Stewart. Illustrated by David Small. Farrar Straus & Giroux, ISBN 0374350140, $16. Ages 5 - 8.

Box and Cox (1990 Parents' Choice Gold Award). Grace Chetwin. Illustrated by David Small. Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0027183149, $13.95. Ages 5 - 8.

AS - A Surfeit of Similes (1989 Parents' Choice Gold Award). Norton Juster. Illustrated by David Small. William Morrow, ISBN 0688081398. Ages 7 - 11. [This title is currently out of print. Please check your local library or an out of print book dealer to locate a copy.] Imogene's Antlers (1985 Parents' Choice Gold Award). David Small. Random House, ISBN 037581048X, $15.95. Ages 4 - 8.

Eulalie and the Hopping Head (1982 Parents' Choice Silver Honor). David Small. Macmillan, ISBN 0027860108. [This title is currently out of print. A reissue of this book is planned for September 2001 by Farrar Straus & Giroux. In the meantime, look for it at your local library or through an out of print book dealer.]

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