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Puppetry, Part III

If you don't have time to craft your own creations, why not start with these puppets and puppet theaters that offer ready-made fun?

Doorway Puppet Theater
Ages: 3 & Up
HearthSong, $49.95

Every doorway becomes a stage for the imagination with this magnificent fabric puppet theater that hangs from its own adjustable rod and fits securely into any doorway. Commendable details include a clear plastic pocket in front to hold a poster announcing the show, storage pockets in back for easy access to puppets and props, and a fold-out ledge to serve as stage.

Black Labrador Puppy PuppetFolkmanis Puppets in all shapes, sizes, and creatures ...
Folkmanis, Prices Vary

Ages 3 & Up (Prices Vary)
Rabbit In Watering Can Puppet
Genie in Lamp Puppet
Mouse with Vest Puppet
Troll with Hedgehog Puppet
Yellow-Beaked Crow Puppet
Large Tarantula Puppet
Three Headed Dragon Puppet
Black Labrador Puppy Puppet
Fairy Finger Puppets
Bichon Frise Puppet
Black Horse Puppet
Brown Tabby Cat Puppet
Gorilla Puppet
Baby Bird Puppet
Brer Bear Puppet
Brer Fox Puppet
Brer Rabbit Puppet
Dragon Duo Puppet
Flamingo Puppet
Glen Terrier Puppet
Gray Squirrel Puppet
Harbor Seal Puppet
Ragdoll Cat Puppet

Ages 5 & Up (Prices Vary)
Ballerina Puppets: Swan Lake, Firebird and Waltz of the Flowers
Cobra in Basket Puppet
Pirate Puppet
Small Witch Puppet
Great Horned Owl Puppet
Galapagos Tortoise Puppet


Draco the Dragon Marionette
Ages: 3 & Up
HaPe International, $14.99

In one group of twenty testers, children waited patiently online to play with the whimsical Draco. With four strings emanating from one fixed cross bar, it is so well balanced that even the five and six year olds were able to manipulate the puppet with ease and confidence, creating movements both gentle and highly animated. Testers were thrilled with their ability to make him fly and skate and dance.

Make-Your-Own™ Puppets Make-Your-Own™ Puppets
Ages: 4 & Up
Made By Hands, Inc., $17.95

Contains everything needed to create 12 unique puppets: 12 PuppetStix, 12 stands, over 600 Pop-Outs!TM ™ (fun and easy pop-out shapes) and a glue stick.

Shadow GamesShadow Games
Ages: 4 & Up
Klutz, $9.95

Children are always fascinated by shadow dogs and bunnies that parents make with their hands and project on a wall. This book gets more advanced, with buildings and animals that transform into monsters when the flashlight shines on them. All this leads to putting on a shadow puppet play, using three pages of punch-out shadow puppets and a “stage” on which to project the action. Flashlight and batteries are included.

Making Shadow Puppets
Ages: 8 & Up
Author: Jill Bryant    Illustrator: Catherine Heard
Kids Can Press, $12.95

Now kids can discover the secret to creating traditional shadow puppets based on designs from around the world. With instructions for nine beautifully crafted and decorated wooden rod puppets, portable screen setups, scenery and script ideas, this book will help them put on plays that are sure to astound their family and friends — without a shadow of a doubt! Book Description


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